Product Suggestions for Microsoft Dynamics

Got a suggestion to make the product better? Go here to log your suggestions (or complaints, rants, raves, etc). It’s about time Microsoft has something like this.

Make your voice count! Microsoft is listening!

  1. Hi Alex,
    Yes they are listening! But then again I almost feel that they have done everything to try to keep this link “a secret”.
    David Singleton’s last blog post (yes I know it’s old – but he didn’t blog since november!) was about the same subject (
    Microsoft are listening. The product group are listening. And as a blogger you have an important influence on what they are doing.
    The problem is when everyone are coming with different suggestions.

    So I’ll also suggest that if anyone has something they have suggested on that they also write it in the forums (either here on Mibuso or on the Dynamics User Group. I know that Thomas Brodkorp did this before with good results. It’s much better to suggest something and have 10 or 20 other members come a say that this is agreat idea!

  2. I’m assuming Microsoft has some ways of filtering requests. But Microsoft is programmer oriented company rather than a business people oriented company, I would agree with you.

    It’d be nice to have a voting system on that site.

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