Restarting Job Queue when it Hits an Error on Dynamics NAV 2013

Job Queue
In Dynamics NAV 2013, you can setup job queue to automate processing of tasks. Popular tasks that are automated are things such as Adjust Cost – Item Entries, EDI processing, Reporting, etc.

Setting up job queue in NAV2013 couldn’t be much easier can a step by step instruction can be found here.

The Problem
When the job queue runs into an error, it will never get picked up again. This means that while the Job Queue is an automated process, the IT manager will need to monitor this every day to make sure every process is running.

I know what you’re thinking, “This does not make sense!”. I fully agree.

There are some processes where the error is fatal. This is the reason why you would not want to have it run again. However, there are some situations where the error occurs when the table is locked by another process, in this case, you absolutely need to have it restart again.

This is especially true when you process EDI orders. You have to send back acknowledgment and/or confirmation within a certain timeframe or else you’ll get charge backs. Having the job queue error out because of table locks does not make too much sense.

The Solution
The problem lies in the Job Queue Dispatcher codeunit (448). If you go down and find the local function GetNextRequest, you’ll see that for some odd reason, the process is only looking at any statuses that are Ready.JobQueueReadySo we will need to modify the code to scan for the error entries as well.


Depending on what you use the Job Queue for, I would include job queues that are In Process. The reason is if it’s running and someone stops the job queue, it’ll stay stuck in the In Process status.

By setting this, it’s important that you set the Max No. of Attempts. You don’t want the job queue to keep running if there really is a critical error.

A special thanks to Rafael Rezende for helping me with this!