Price does not find the Lowest Price

Working with Navision for the last 12 years, there are certain functionality that you assumed worked a certain way. I was under the impression that Navision always finds the lowest price whent he sales order is entered. Recently, one of our customer pointed me to the contrary.

Note that this scenerio will only occur if an item has a Sales Price and a Sales Discount setup. If the Allow Line Discount is checked off on the Sales Price, NAV will not use the best price for the customer if a Line Discount gives a lower price for the customer.

It will always use the price on the Sales Price. The reason, from the explanation I got, is that the contract price (on the Sales Price table) should take precedence over any discounts given to the customer.

For our client, it doesn’t make sense because as a service to their customers, if they promised the lowest price available it should be the lowest price available. Again, we had to create extra logic to consider the discounted price as part of the lowest price given to the customer.

So if your client gives special pricing and a discount, you will need to ask the client whether the special price takes precedence.