Sharing the Item table in version 5.0

If you’re in an environment where you have multiple companies setup and each company uses the same items, you might be tempted to share the item table across all companies.

In versions prior to 5.0, you can get away with this since the Adjust Cost process are done using the Item Ledger and Item Application Entry table. When inventory is taken out, it’ll use the proper average cost when the Adjust Cost process is ran.

However, in version 5.0, they introduced the Avg. Cost Adjmt. Entry Point table and the Cost is Adjust field on the item card. This means that if if you just share the tables and adjust cost is ran for Company A, it’ll mark the Cost Is Adjusted to true. This means that the Adjust Cost process will never be ran for Company B. In addition, when transactions are posted for Company B, it’ll look at the Avg. Cost Adjmt. Entry Point table and detect that the cost has not been adjusted and mark it for adjustment again.

The best solution to this problem is to suggest the users to update item information for both companies. However, if the business requirement is to share the Item table, it’s recommended that you keep the tables separate. And write a batch process to update items at the end of day or if it needs to be real time, write code to something like:

  ItemCompanyB.CHANGECOMPANY(‘Company B’);
  IF ItemCompanyB.GET(“No.”) THEN BEGIN
    CostPostedGL := ItemCompanyB.”Cost is Posted to G/L”;
    CostAdj := ItemCompanyB.”Cost is Adjusted”;
    UnitCost := ItemCompanyB.”Unit Cost”;
    ItemCompanyB.”Cost is Posted to G/L” := CostPostedGL;
    ItemCompanyB.”Cost is Adjusted” := CostAdj;
    ItemCompanyB.”Unit Cost” := UnitCost;

You can probably write a better code, but you should be able to get the idea. This will also require that all the item master information be entered into one company.

Warning about Upgrading to NAV 5.0 from 3.x and 4.x

This will only apply if the following is true:
1. You’re upgrading from 3.x or 4.x to 5.0
2. You’re using average cost
3. You have the Avg. Cost Calc type to Item&Variant&Locatoin
IF you are using Average Cost and IF your Average Cost Calc. Type is Item & Location & Variant, when you upgrade to 5.0. The cost calculation type will be set to ITEM.At this point, DO NOT RUN ADJUST COST!!! It will calculate your average by ITEM for all historical transactions irregardless if you changed the Average Cost Calc. Type to item & location.This is a problem in the Avg. Cost Adjmt. Entry Point table and the Accounting Period table. You will need to write a process to update the Avg. Cost Adjmt. Entry Point table so it’s by location, and change the Accounting Period to Item & Location & Variant.

Here’s the code for download.